I am Qi Luo, a postdoctoral researcher at Cornell and an Assistant Professor at Clemson University in Spring, 2021.

E-mail: qluo2 (at) clemson.edu

Office: 277B Freeman

Curriculum Vitae

DIAL (Decision Intelligence & Analytics Lab) at Clemson University focuses on exploring the mathematical foundations that comprises prescriptive analytics.

Our ongoing projects include building equal and sustainable mobility ecosystem, delivering personalized services, and improving digital supply chain.


Dr. Qi Luo is a graduate of Xi’an Jiaotong University and received a Ph.D. in Operations Research and Scientific Computing from the University of Michigan. He has worked in Argonne National Laboratory operated by the University of Chicago. Qi is currently a Postdoctoral Research Associate at Cornell University.

Qi’s primary research interest are in the areas of data-driven decision-making in operations management, mobility service systems, and gamification. His research has been recognized by prizes such as the INFORMS APS Best Student Paper (finalist) and I-Sim Best Student Paper.


Research & Publication

Emerging Mobility Market

Reinvent passenger and goods transportation in the digital age

Refereed Articles Published

Papers under Revision

  • Dong, Tingting, Zhengtian Xu, Qi Luo, Yafeng Yin, Jian Wang, and Jieping Ye, “Optimal Contract Design for Ride-sourcing Services under Dual Sourcing.” Revision, Transportation Research Part B: Methodological.

Refereed Conference Proceedings

Submitted/Working Papers:

  • Sundt, Alexander, Qi Luo, John Vincent, Mehrdad Shahabi, and Yafeng Yin. “Heuristics for Customer-focused Ride-pooling Assignment.” Submitted.
  • Luo, Qi, Shukai Li, and Robert Hampshire. “Design of a Hub-and-Spoke Multimodal Network for the On-Demand Mobility Ecosystem: Connecting Ride-Hailing and Micro-Mobility.” Submitted.

Reinforcement Learning

Explore and exploit when interacting with the environment

Refereed Articles Published

Submitted/Working Papers:

  • Qin, Guoyang, Qi Luo, Yafeng Yin, Jian Sun, and Jieping Ye. “Optimal Matching Time Interval Policy for Ride-hailing Services using Reinforcement Learning.” Submitted.

Workshops and Invited Presentations:

Analytics for Social Good

Data analytics can make a difference in social equity

Refereed Conference Proceedings

Submitted/Working Papers:

  • Luo, Qi, Marissa Gee, Daniel Work, Benedetto Piccoli, and Samitha Samaranayakee. “Managing Public Transit in the Prevalence of Pandemic and Reopening the Economy.” Submitted
  • Hampshire, Robert C., Carol Flannagan, H.V. Jagadish, Tayo Fabusuyi, Andong Chen, Eric Hanss, Oliver He, Kathleen D. Klinich, Qi Luo, Aditi Misra, and Matthew P. Reed. “A Public Health Informed Approach to Transportation Equity.” Submitted.
  • Yunlei Yin, Qi Luo, Zhenfei Zhan, and Romesh Saigal,
    “Dynamic Subsidies for a Synergy between Charging Infrastructure Development and Electric Vehicle Adoption.” Submitted.
  • Luo, Qi, and Romesh Saigal. “Multiagent Incentive Contracts: Existence, Uniqueness and Implementation.” Submitted.


Journal Editorial Services (reviewer)

Production and Operations Management2020
EURO Journal on Transportation and Logistics2020
Transportation Part C: Emerging Technologies2017-2020
Service Science2020
Transportation Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review2018-2020
Transportation Research Record2020
European Journal of Operational Research2020
IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems2018-2020
Journal of Systems Science and Complexity2017

Conference Session Chair and Editorial Services

EM4SEmerging Mobility Systems and Services Seminar
IEEEInternational Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITSC)
TRBThe Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting


  • Deterministic Operations Research (IE 3800, Clemson University), Spring, 2021.
  • Introduction to Optimization Methods (IOE 310, University of Michigan), Instructor of Record
    • Industrial and Operations Engineering, University of Michigan. Winter, 2018. 
  • Transportation Network Modeling (CEE 559, University of Michigan), Guest Lecturer
    • Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Michigan. Winter, 2019. 

Broader Impacts & Diversity

OR What?

Second place in OR What? INFORMS Student Video Competition.

Michigan Engineering News Center

No more hunting for parking? Proposed app could do it for you



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