I am Qi Luo, an Assistant Professor at Clemson University.

E-mail: qluo2 (at) clemson.edu Office: 277B Freeman

Curriculum Vitae


Dr. Luo is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Industrial Engineering and the School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences (joint) at Clemson University.

He was a Postdoc at Cornell University and a researcher in Argonne National Laboratory – University of Chicago. He received his Ph.D. in Operations Research and Scientific Computing from the University of Michigan, and B.S. from Xi’an Jiaotong University.

His primary research interest is in the areas of data-driven decision-making in operations management and emerging mobility systems. His research has been recognized by prizes such as the Kikuchi-Karlaftis Best Paper Award, the INFORMS APS Best Student Paper (finalist) and I-Sim Best Student Paper.

Dr. Luo is a faculty member affiliated with Clemson Operations Research Institute and the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute for Science and Engineering (AIRISE).


  • DIALab in Industrial Engineering at Clemson University is actively looking for Ph.D./M.S. students with sound backgrounds in mathematical modeling and data analytics (Enroll in 2023).
    • Please directly apply to IE graduate program.
    • The most important quality is self-motivation — I appreciate a solid research plan in your email with an attached CV.

DIALab (Decision Intelligence & Analytics Lab) at Clemson University focuses on exploring the mathematical foundations that comprise prescriptive analytics and learning algorithms.

Our ongoing projects include building emerging mobility ecosystems, managing personalized healthcare services, and improving digital supply chains.

Research & Publication

Emerging Mobility Market

Reinvent passenger and goods transportation in the digital age

Refereed Articles Published

Refereed Conference Proceedings

Submitted/Working Papers:

  • Liu, Yang, Qi Luo, Raga Gopalakrishnan, and Samitha Samaranayake. “A Framework for the Joint Optimization of Assignment and Pricing in Mobility-on-Demand Systems with Shared Rides.” arXiv preprint arXiv:2112.14297 (2021).
  • Banerjee, Siddhartha, Chamsi Hssaine, Qi Luo, and Samitha Samaranayake. “Plan Your System and Price for Free: Fast Algorithms for Multimodal Transit Operations.” Available at SSRN (2021).
  • Luo, Qi, Viswanath Nagarajan, Alexander Sundt, Yafeng Yin, John Vincent, and Mehrdad Shahabi. “Efficient Algorithms for Stochastic Ridepooling Assignment with Mixed Fleets.” arXiv preprint arXiv:2108.08651 (2021).
  • Sundt, Alexander, Qi Luo, John Vincent, Mehrdad Shahabi, and Yafeng Yin. “Heuristics for Customer-focused Ride-pooling Assignment.” Submitted.

Reinforcement Learning

Explore and exploit when interacting with the environment

Refereed Articles Published

Submitted/Working Papers:

Workshops and Invited Presentations:

Human-Engaged Models for Healthcare and Public Policy

Human-centric models can make a difference in social good

Referred Article Published

Refereed Conference Proceedings

Submitted/Working Papers:

  • Hampshire, Robert C., Carol Flannagan, H.V. Jagadish, Tayo Fabusuyi, Andong Chen, Eric Hanss, Oliver He, Kathleen D. Klinich, Qi Luo, Aditi Misra, and Matthew P. Reed. “A Public Health Informed Approach to Transportation Equity.” Submitted.
  • Yunlei Yin, Qi Luo, Zhenfei Zhan, and Romesh Saigal, “Dynamic Subsidies for a Synergy between Charging Infrastructure Development and Electric Vehicle Adoption.” Submitted.

Reinforcement Learning in Transportation Research

Here are useful references for researchers who are interested in using RL for transportation research (some are recommended by my students).

My graduate course IE 8490: Markov Decision Processes and Reinforcement Learning:

  • Syllabus (2022, 2023)
    1. Problem formulation (stochastic shortest path, inventory control)
    2. Finite-horizon MDP
    3. Infinite-horizon MDP
    4. Temporal difference learning and Q-learning
    5. Stochastic gradient descent
    6. Multi-armed bandit
    7. Deep-RL and Policy Gradient
    8. Multi-agent RL
  • Target audience: graduate students in IE, EE, CEE, CS, and applied mathematics.
  • Lecture notes

I am not the author of the following sites but disseminate to anyone interested in this field:


  • Markov Decision Processes and Reinforcement Learning (IE 8490, Clemson University), Spring, 2022.
  • Deterministic Operations Research (IE 3800, Clemson University), Spring/Fall, 2021.
  • Introduction to Optimization Methods (IOE 310, University of Michigan), Instructor of Record
    • Industrial and Operations Engineering, University of Michigan. Winter, 2018. 
  • Transportation Network Modeling (CEE 559, University of Michigan), Guest Lecturer
    • Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Michigan. Winter, 2019. 


Journal Editorial Services (reviewer)

Transportation Science2022 – current
Management Science2021 – current
IISE Transactions2022 – current
Transportation Research Part B: Methodological2021 – current
Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies2017 – current
Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review2018 – current
Networks and Spatial Economics2022 – current
IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems2018 – current
Service Science2020 – current
European Journal of Operational Research2020 – current
Production and Operations Management2020 – current
ASME Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering2022 – current
Omega2021 – current
EURO Journal on Transportation and Logistics2020 – current
Networks2021 – current
Transportation Research Record2020 – current
Journal of Systems Science and Complexity2017

Conference Session Chair and Editorial Services

ISTDM 2021Organizing committee member, International Symposium on Transportation Data and Modeling
EM4SOrganizing committee member, Emerging Mobility Systems and Services Seminar
IEEEInternational Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITSC)
INFORMSSession chair, INFORMS Annual Meeting
TRBTransportation Research Board Annual Meeting

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Second place in OR What? INFORMS Student Video Competition.

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