I am passionate about promoting the diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the classroom, in our workspace, and in the STEM community.

Promote ORMS and Data Analytics 

OR What? U-M team’s presentation

I was the director of INFORMS OR WHAT? student competition.

We helped to promote ORMS and Analytics to a broader audience by interviewing people of diverse backgrounds. U-Michigan team won the second place nationwide!

Urban Mobility and Economic Mobility:

I am a team member of the NSF Convergence Accelerator (C-Accel) awarded project that studies the equity of transportation in the driverless future. Emerging mobility systems are changing our lives today and how we might live generations from now. We investigate how economic mobility (e.g., employment, income), health, sustainability, and equity are affected by transportation by building open knowledge networks (OKN).

We are a team of faculty members from the Ford School of Public Policy, Computer Science, Data Science, UMTRI, School of Social Work, and other partners from government and industry that aims to use data to support the decision making of stakeholders in the transportation ecosystem.

Teaching and Research

I contribute to inclusive teaching in and out of the classroom.