DIAL (Decision Intelligence & Analytics Lab) is a multidisciplinary research group at Clemson University. We focus on exploring the mathematical foundations (optimization and statistics) that comprises prescriptive analytics.

Recent applications include devising efficient and fair algorithms for digital supply chain, designing reliable infrastructure for connected and automated vehicles, and enhance AI-human systems.

Qi Luo

Assistant Professor

Dr. Qi Luo is an Assistant Professor at Clemson University and the director of DIALab at Clemson University.

Qi is interesting in combining classical operations research approaches (stochastic optimization, game theory, stochastic modeling) with online learning to solve emerging applications in data analytics.

Qi is a member of INFORMS, ACM, TRB, and IISE.

Hanwen Liu

Ph.D. student in Industrial Engineering

Previous lab members:

Sanjana Narayana

Master ‘s student in Industrial Engineering

Research project: Bridging electric freight transportation and power systems

Email me: sanjann@clemson.edu

Akshay Ashwin Shah

Master’s student in Industrial Engineering

Akshay is a master’s student in Industrial Engineering at Clemson University. He was an engineer in Dobby Automations. Akshay has a B.E. in Production at University of Mumbai in India.

Research project: Modeling trust in dynamic human-robot interactions

Email me: shah9@clemson.edu

Recent Research Projects

Algorithmic control in digital supply chains

Smart city and connected community

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